About Longwell's

The Name

Nebraskan owners, Eric F. Marsh and Jim Goebel, developed the restaurant name from their grandmother’s family name that dates as far back as the American Civil War in the 1860s in the United States, and even further back to England in the American Revolutionary War. With their love of family and history, the owners wanted to incorporate these important elements into Longwell’s, hence the ‘76 Strong motto, dating back to 1776 around the time of the American Revolutionary War. The Longwell’s logo incorporates the Union Jack, the national flag of the United Kingdom.

‘76 Strong
The Longwell’s motto, ‘76 Strong, symbolizes the seventy six different beer selections that are available. With 76 different kinds of beer and over 100 actual beer taps, Longwell’s features beers from around the world.

Our Food

Longwell’s features slow smoked, mouthwatering BBQ, signature stuffed burgers and a tremendous selection of beers. With a menu developed by Celebrity Chef, Brian Duffy, and Executive Chef, Kyle Fessler, Longwell’s offers  great lunch and dinner selections with made-from-scratch items, and a late night menu.

Our Partners

The bars in Longwell’s were designed by the world-renowned, Night Club/Bar and Restaurant Consultant, Chris Lenahan. His visionary insight helped to create a very unique beer tap system which includes a glassed-in room, displaying all the tap lines for patrons to admire.

And More

In addition to a great menu and beer selections, Longwell’s provides the ultimate game-watching experience on its 45 ft. LED television that covers an entire wall in the establishment. Guests are able to sit in the restaurant and view The Cube in the Yard and the enormous television at the same time.